Sunday, August 22, 2010

Silk Fairy Skirt and Garland Review

Oh my!  So, I've been trying to take pictures of Julia in her new silk fairy skirt and garland.  She's been in a phase lately, making grumpy faces and hiding from the camera.  Last night she was in a super silly mood so I knew I could get some good shots.  They aren't perfectly posed, but I had to take what I could get.  ;)

Julia got this skirt and garland set for her birthday (Lucy got a mermaid costume!).  They both enjoy dressing up, especially for dance performances around the house.  For some reason this is the way they always wear the garland, with the ribbons to the side, and they say that its a braid.

The skirt is reversible.  One way the blue layer is on top; the other way there is a rainbow layer on top.  It twirls out nicely when they spin (the true test of any good skirt).  Both Lucy and Julia can wear the skirt- we have the size small.

With three girls Princesses at our house, this will get lots of use.  You can find this at A Toy Garden, a great source for fun natural gifts that inspire creative play.  Thanks to A Toy Garden for sending this set to us for review.

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