Friday, August 13, 2010

Homemade Lemonade - Bosch Citrus Juicer Review

Back in June I posted about doing a review for CSN Stores.  CSN Stores sells a huge variety of things, table lamps, beds, cookware, and more.  Given the opportunity to browse, what do you suppose I looked for?  Kitchen items of course!

I chose the juicer attachment for my Bosch mixer.  I thought maybe this was just another item to clutter up my kitchen, but fresh lemonade sounded so good I just had to try it!  We use lemon juice in a few recipes (chicken tortilla soup, guacamole, etc) but I've stopped buying it because of the nasty preservatives included.  I had homemade lemonade at a friend's house recently and decided fresh was definitely the way to go.

The juicer fits on the mixer nicely, it sits down on the part where the bowl normally goes.  I'm awaiting documentation, but was initially told this is not polycarbonate.  I'll update this post when I find out for sure.

Ready to try this out, I washed some lemons, squeezed them a bit to loosen up the juices, and sliced them in half.  Turning on the mixer makes the white piece rotate.  I was afraid this might splatter juice everywhere, but did not have any problems.  It was easy enough to hold the lemon and let the mixer do all the work for me.

I was amazed at how cleaned out the lemons were.  The white piece strains out the seeds and bigger pulp, while the clear base fills up with juice.  I got 1 1/2 cups of juice from 6 large lemons in no time at all.  

We started with 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 cup sugar to a pitcher of water, adding more to taste.  I like my lemonade pretty light, so this was perfect.  We also made lemonade using maple syrup, thanks to Laura's recipe.  Its soooo good that way!  

I need to put oranges on my grocery list for making fresh orange juice with, I'm sure that is amazing too.  I really enjoy my juicer attachment and give it two thumbs up.  I think we will get lots of use out of this.  I even froze the extra lemon juice in an ice cube tray so I will have it readily available for my recipes.  If you have a Bosch mixer, give this a try.


  1. Mmm... We just have a little plug-in juicer, but our favorite is orange grapefruit juice. It's sooo tasty, you'll have to try some different combos.

  2. Oooh, that sounds wonderful! *adding grapefruit to the grocery list*