Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homeschool Organization

We started school this week!  Here is a look at how I have organized things.  We do not have a schoolroom, so I've taken over the hall cupboard and some bookshelves in our bedroom.  We are using My Father's World First Grade.

The cupboard in the hallway contains our art supplies along with a small box labeled school supplies.  The school supplies box sits on the middle shelf and holds the bean cup, coin cup, music CD, pencil, and a few number of the day sheets (all items Lucy needs to use daily).  The drawers next to it are for blank paper, construction paper, and magazines to cut up.  On the top shelf we have boxes labeled:
-play doh
-play doh toys
-scissors, glue, and paint
-pencils, pens, and colored pencils.

The bottom shelf is full of coloring books with a box of crayons separating Lucy and Julia's books.  Yes, we have that many coloring books and crayons!  They get used all the time too.  Oh, and there are paint shirts tucked to the side of the drawers.  The girls also place finished artwork on top of the drawers and I go through them every so often tossing some and saving others in a large box in the basement.  I have one box for each child's work.

Lucy and Julia can both reach things in this cupboard and are welcome to play with them all.  I have another cupboard in the basement that contains other art supplies - large bottles of tempra paint, my stash of new school supplies to dole out as needed, reams of paper, posterboard, etc.

I moved our sheets out of the hall cupboard last year in order to make room for all of this.  I now store our sheets in a large plastic tub under our beds and that works well.  Our house is small, so we have had to get creative at finding storage for everything.  Most of the school books are on these shelves in my bedroom:

I love snooping on other people's bookshelves, so I'll give you a closer look at the shelves eventually.  The books are divided by subject, with the plastic boxes holding small manipulatives and games for each subject.  Esther's cloth diapers are on the bottom shelves.  The other side holds games and preschool activities.  One of the clear file boxes is for file folder games and felt stories.  The other clear file box is MFW papers.  I have folders labeled: student worksheets, number of the day copies, restaurant game copies, general MFW information, and finished student worksheets.

I think that about covers our set up.  Lucy does her work at the kitchen table, along with lots of snuggling and reading on the couch.  Thanks for letting me share!

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  1. It looks great! So nice and organized, and ready to go. It is amazing how books and coloring books add up isn't it, we have a huge stash too and love them.