Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Homeschool Planning

We are gearing up to start My Father's World First Grade in a couple of weeks here.  I've been talking to the girls about starting a schedule and getting dressed right away each morning ready to start the day.  I'm doing some final preparations, ordering a few more books, and organizing the school/ art cupboard.  For some reason I'm a bit nervous about this year, maybe because its the year Lucy would be going to Kindergarten if we weren't homeschooling.  I'm not anxious about our decision to keep her home at all, just a bit worried about getting everything done that I need to in a day.  I feel like I'm taking on another full time job, but I know that it will all fit in somehow.  As you can see, Esther is a big help already!

I'm not going to post about our schooling every week (I tried that last year and couldn't keep up!).  I will, however, post various resources, fun activities, organizing tips, and more as we go.  Back in May I chatted a bit about the books we will be using.  Here is another resource that I recently found and love:

The Jesus Storybook Bible is an awesome children's Bible!  It tells the Bible stories unlike any other storybook I've read.  The stories come alive and captivate the listeners with fun details.  The whole storybook is written in a comprehensive manner that helps one understand the Bible.  I bought this from Amazon for only $16.50 including CDs of the entire book being read aloud.  We are enjoying it and the girls ask to be read to from this book often.  My mom purchased one as well and was very impressed.  This is a great resource to go along with My Father's World 1st.

I did not receive any product for this review.  I just love the book and wanted to share this resource.  I am an Amazon affiliate so I do get paid a small amount if you purchase something after clicking through my links.


  1. That is our absolute FAVORITE story book Bible! I just love how it is cross-centered throughout. (As a side note, you should check out Their prices are really good. We get a lot of books there, this one is only $11.38.)
    We are gearing up to start school as well. I'm nervous for this year. I have a 1st, 4th, almost 2yr old, and new baby in December. It's going to be craziness.

  2. never saw that book. will check it out!!

    we're starting 1st grade in a few months. just have to finish up K first. CRAZY!? isn't it how fast time flies

  3. I have a would be Kindergartener if she were going to school and we are going to be using MFW 1st grade as well. I will have to check out the Jesus Storybook! Looking forward to reading what you guys do throughout your school year.

  4. We just bought this bible for our almost 2 year old and absolutely LOVE it. We read her one story every night after dinner. After looking through several children's bibles this one definately impressed my husband and I.

  5. We've had the Jesus Storybook Bible for a few years and my kids LOVE IT! I didn't know they have a CD version. Wish this was a giveaway! lol