Monday, August 23, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - ABCs

Its Muffin Tin Monday today, and Grandma's birthday.  We invited her over and had a combined birthday ABC lunch together.  The theme started out ok, but got sort of lost in the second row.

Apple slices with an A stamped in them, Blueberries with Balloons, cheese with a C cut out, ...this is where we loose the theme... ham and a strawberry?, cucumber tomato salad, and crackers.  

The girls enjoyed it and had fun sharing their special Muffin Tin Monday with Grandma.  Here is a picture of my cuties from today (and yes, Julia is smiling - that's her latest picture face).

I'm considering starting first grade with Lucy later this week, we'll see if all things fall into place by then or not.  Did you enter the giveaway for the Wilton Alphabet Cut Outs yet?  I'll pick a winner Weds!


  1. Cute how the apples have a little A stamped into them! I'd smile like that if my mum made me such a yummy tin too!

  2. Your girls are adorable!!
    That looks like a muffin tin i'd like to be offered!!