Saturday, September 11, 2010

Safe Baby Toys

I talk a lot about creating a safe home, safe kitchen items, safe baby toys, and more.  Sometimes it just helps to see things in person.  Esther thought that showing you her baby toys might be fun.

I keep everything in a basket.  Well, except the ones that get carted along in the diaper bag, and the ones that end up on the bedroom floor, and the ones... you know how it is.  Every once in a while they all make their way back to the basket.

These are the noisy keep-baby-entertained-in-the-car toys.  Leap and Lilly both have plastic rings on them that I removed due to them being plastic and all.  The cloth book is fun and interactive.  I like that it doesn't have foam inside the pages, although an organic cloth baby book would be even better.

Here is our collection of wooden toys.  Some of these are Haba, some are Sassy's Earth Brights line (sadly these are discontinued).  We love all of these.  I am a bit leery of the mouse though.  The arms are connected and if you pull it all the way to one side, its long enough that it gags Esther when she tries to put it in her mouth.  The bird is her favorite and goes everywhere with us.

These are our cloth toys.  I made the clutch ball from a friend's pattern.  (Thanks, Amity!)  The taggie blanket was Julia's but she never really fell in love with it.  The bear with the ring, the cream colored puppy, and the pink doll are all organic.  The pooh rattle and the caterpillar were gifts when Lucy was born.  Oh, and we do have Gretabean who Esther really likes.

We've collected the toys as gifts for birthdays and holidays over time.  Ideally they would all be organic, fair trade, stuffed with wool, etc, but I do consider these to be pretty good choices.  Do you have a favorite baby toy?