Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boob Nursing Tops

...are the best!  I absolutely love the openings and how easy it is to nurse in these tops.  I recently got to try out two of them, a tank top and a long sleeve shirt.

Both are comfortable and have gotten lots of use.  I love not having to fumble with layers of clothing and search for a hidden opening.  To nurse, simply lift up the overlap.  The first time I was introduced to Boob Nursing Wear was through a friend.  I was literally amazed that a nursing top could be so simple and so functional.  Here is a photo of the opening:

When I am wearing a Boob Nursing shirt, I feel like I am wearing a normal top.  Other types of shirts that contain several layers can be baggy because you have to be able to lift the top layer all the way up.  Sorry, no head in that photo, I'm sick right now and didn't want my face in the photo!  The color brown isn't quite as washed out as this picture makes it appear either.

There is a cute little "Boob" tag on the side of the shirts.  The tank top also says "Boob" on the back right at the neckline, which is a little more obvious.  I did decide not to wear this top to a church get together because of that.  I have another tank from them that doesn't have the logo on the back, so not all of their shirts are like this.  I do love the shirt, and have worn it a ton this summer.  Note: My contact at Boob Design let me know that upcoming productions do not have the screen print logo on the back.

The hoodie is nice and lightweight.  It actually has a fleece lining just over the chest area.  I'm excited for cooler weather so that I can wear this top more often!  The color is the perfect shade of pink and I feel great wearing this.  (Not to mention that it perfectly matches one of my Mommy Necklaces...)

I was sent these two tops for review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. So where can these be purchased? I really like the hoodie. On the website it only says they deliver in Europe though.

  2. Oops, sorry. Here is the retail locator -

  3. has some too...

  4. These look great. I haven't had much luck finding ones I like.

  5. Christy what size are you wearing in the hoodie, I am having trouble deciding what size to order :)

  6. I am wearing a small. I normally wear a size small, so it seems pretty true to size, for me at least. Email me if you have more questions about the fit and I'll try to help! I do still love this top, its snuggly but lightweight and easy to nurse in. :)

  7. These are awesome but a little pricey. I can't find used ones anywhere, even eBay. Any suggestions?

    1. I agree, pricey! I've loooved that pink hoodie and wear it all the time. Let me know if you find any at a discount! ;)