Saturday, September 18, 2010

About Me

This weekend I am...


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - I own the previous edition but am really enjoying this new one as well.  I got to hear Diane Wiessinger speak at our state LLL conference this spring and found her refreshing.

Food Inc Participant Guide - just got this from the library but haven't read it yet.  I loved Food Inc.

Deceptively Delicious - I found this at Kohl's for $5 and picked it up.  Julia is a severe picky eater, so I'm resorting to trying some of these veggie purees.  So far I have added sweet potato and carrot to spaghetti sauce (cant even taste it), cauliflower to scrambled eggs (yuck), carrot to smoothies (yum), and carrot to macaroni (didnt even notice).


homemade granola bars

chicken soup

a new crock-pot beans and rice dish from a friend (I'll share the recipe if it turns out!)


The Children's Place - I bought some cotton pjs on sale for Lucy and Julia.

Mommy Necklaces - After hours of browsing their new site and designs I finally picked out what I wanted, this one and this one.

How about you?


  1. These are my picks of the week.

  2. I checked out the Deceptively Delicious Book from my library and copied a bunch of recipes. Haven't tried any recipes yet. I've heard the brownie with spinach isn't good though. I also checked out The Sneaky Chef which also hides purees in meals. Haven't tried it yet either. My moms club passed out the recipes to Deceptively Delicious and each person did a different one and then swapped so we knew which were good without having to make them all. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the group yet :(

  3. Oh, what a cool idea to do a swap! Let me know what you try and if it works. I'm planning on making the turkey chili sometime this week.... Oh, we tried the chocolate sauce with avocado and carrot (I think?), it wasn't that great.

  4. I am looking for rice recipes so be sure to tell me how your beans and rice recipe went!