Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Medela Sleep Bra Review

Esther is 8 months old already!  She is still nursing frequently and eating some solid foods here and there.  She is not a big fan of baby food, so we just give her small pieces of our food or big things to suck on (like a carrot or apple slice).  I am still the main source of her nutrition though.  Coming up, I'm going to be focusing on some breastfeeding related reviews.

A while back Medela sent me one of their sleep nursing bras for review.  A sleep bra is a a nursing mom's necessity.  I wear either this or a nursing tank top to sleep every night.  I still need to wear nursing pads, so the sleep bra is a good way to keep those in place without being too tight.  A bra that is too tight or that is worn for too long can put pressure on the milk ducts and cause plugged ducts or even mastitis.  Switching to a comfortable bra in the evening is a must!

I am normally around a size 34 B and the small fits.  Its a bit small in the straps and rides up in the back a bit, I'd say these run a bit small.  It is super easy to pull aside the cup to nurse. I've worn and washed this many times now and the bra is holding its shape well.  Its available in nude, white, and limited edition blue.

Do you wear a sleep bra at night?  Are there other breastfeeding must-haves that you can think of?  I'll be chatting about some of my favorites this week, so stay tuned!

Thanks Medela for sending me the sleep bra to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I do wear a sleep bra to bed, I got it from Motherhood and couldn't be happier. I have two and want to get another one. I also recently go some nursing tanks from Target that I'm fond of. I wear them under my shirts when I'm going to be in a big crowd during nursing times. Helps not show my back or belly when nursing. I still haven't been able to find any actual nursing shirts that I'm completely satisfied with :( I think both disposable and cloth nursing pads are essential. And lanolin!

  2. I don't wear a sleep bra while sleeping, though I do wear the Medela one you reviewed in the evenings or around the house sometimes. I have never regularly worn bras at night (I can't think of anything more uncomfortable!), so the short time I had to wear one while using nursing pads drove me crazy! Now that I'm back to no bra, I have found that my best friend for easy night time nursing is a deep-v t-shirt. We sleep with the air conditioning on, and in all the nursing tanks my shoulders would get cold, and in regular t-shirts I hate having my big ole post partum jelly belly hanging out. Wearing a deep-v t-shirt, I just pull the v down a little further and over to the side to do what needs to be done! It works wonderfully- my shoulders stay warm, and my belly stays covered! I wish I hadn't gone through so many expensive, special tops to figure this out!

  3. I wear a sleep bra and I love it! I actually cheat and wear my sleep bra during the day when I'm gardening or doing other busy jobs... my regular nursing bra, while supportive, doesn't always keep things in their proper place if you know what I mean!

    I also cannot live without nursing pads. Sad.

  4. @ Rebekah - love the Target nursing tops! I lived in them when I was nursing Julia. I'm liking the Blush Topless Undershirts this time (kind of like a belly band) so that I can wear a more supportive nursing bra.

    @Marite - nice tip! My shoulders get cold when I try to wear a tank to bed too. With Esther beside me I don't want to pull the covers up too high, then I freeze, lol.

    @AmberLou - lol Don't be sad, I wear nursing pads 24/7.

  5. I only wear a bra to bed when I'm in the leaking like crazy stage. After that, I'm like Marite, I can't stand being all confined. I've never tried the Medela sleep bra, but Motherhood has a very similar looking one that got the job done. The Target tanks are also a lifesaver!! In the summer, I sleep in those and they are great.