Friday, September 24, 2010

Math Games

I found some of the coolest math games at CSN Stores.  (You know, the big store that sells everything from modern bedding to, well... math games.)  We got the chance to review both the Busy Bug Collector Magnetic Game and the Math Discovery Early Learning Kit.  These are both made by Lauri Toys.  We have used some of their other products in the past along with our homeschool curriculum and always enjoy them.  Lauri Toys are well made and offer plenty of educational value.

Shown here is the Busy Bug Collector Magnetic Game.  Players take turns rolling a die and moving their marker around the board to the finish line.  Depending on what square you land on, either add or subtract bugs from your jar.

As you can see, the pieces are quite thick.  The bugs are actually magnets that stick to the jars, adding a fun element.  Even the board itself is very sturdy.  This game is perfect for Lucy (age 5).  Counting the number on the die, moving the correct number of spaces, and either adding or subtracting bugs were appropriate challenges for her.  I like that there is even a bug guide included so that you can name all the creepy crawlies as you catch them.  Julia (age 3) also played the game but lost interest before the end.  At only $12.99, I definitely recommend this one!

The Math Discovery Early Learning Kit isn't necessarily a game, more of, well... a learning kit.  (I'm great with words today, aren't I?)  It comes with picture tiles, numbers, counters, and activity cards that you can use in a variety of ways.   

Here Lucy is working on reading the number words and matching them to the correct squares.  You could also place a number in the square.  In the photo I have the two drawers pulled out, but everything stores neatly away in them.

The included activity guide shows many different ways to use the pieces.  Patterns, number recognition, addition, and subtraction are some of the things covered.

We are just beginning addition and subtraction with Lucy.  I think having these hands on pieces will go a long way towards helping her learn.  This entire set is $22.99, which I think is a good price as well.  The pieces are sturdy and will provide us with lots of fun learning time.

Do you have a favorite learning game or hands on item?  I love hearing what works for others!

Thanks to CSN Stores for the review items.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Right now our abacus is indispensable. We have the Melissa and Doug one. It was a super garage sale find.

  2. Courtney, how do you use the abacus? I've looked at them, but never sure if I would use it enough. We do use little plastic counting things to practice adding, is it kind of the same idea?