Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Book of Books and Activities - Review

School is in session!  We are on Day 10 of My Father's World 1st grade and loving it.  Lucy can hardly stand the weekends because she wants to do schoolwork.  I'm slowly feeling more confident with the curriculum and getting into the routine of things.  Today I thought I would share a great resource with you that we are using.

Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books and Activities is a fun book to have on hand.  I found this book listed at the back of my MFW 1st teacher's manual.  Its no longer listed in newer teacher editions since they changed things up a bit and introduced the deluxe packages.  I am so glad I found it though!  Dinah Zike's books are available for purchase on her website here.  The Big Book of Books and Activities has all kind of mini books to make, similar to things found on Homeschool Share or lapbooking if you are familiar with that at all.

We've been using the ideas in this book to make mini science booklets.  Lucy is proud of them and showing them off helps her remember the facts she has learned.  Dinah Zike's book has plenty of photographs and clear step by step instructions.  I found it easy to follow along.  The photos include plenty of inspiring ideas as well!

Last week we made this booklet after studying worms.

Each flap opens up to complete the sentence.  I wrote on the flap and had Lucy write her answers inside.  "Worms live... underground.  Worms eat... dead leaves.  Worms help... plants.  Worms... make tunnels."

This week we are talking about the seasons.  MFW recommends dividing a sheet of paper into four sections and drawing pictures depicting the seasons.  We made this top tab book instead.

Lucy decided to draw the same house, road, pond, mailbox, and tree on each page but with seasonal differences.  I love it!

I'm sure we'll be using this reference book for years to come.  The mini books and projects are great for any age and grade level.  The Big Book of Books and Activities includes ideas for math, reading, science, and more.  There is a huge variety of projects and I'm sure we could make one for just about anything.  Just flipping through the book inspires me to create!  Two thumbs up!

Dinah-Might Adventures sent me a display copy of this book to review upon my request.  
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  1. Cool. Not sure my boys would be into it, but that's a cool way to reinforce the seasons.

  2. Nice ideas - Thanks for sharing.
    Monica at

  3. I forgot that I had this book. Great idea! I'll have to pull mine out and use it too. Thanks :)