Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smoothie Night

We made smoothies tonight.  The girls love them and I've decided that we need to have a weekly smoothie night.  I can put just about anything in that blender along with some fruit and it will get eaten.  Here is my basic recipe, along with some optional add ins.

2 cups orange juice 
6 frozen strawberries
handful of frozen blueberries
1/3 banana

a handful of spinach
lecithin granules
flaxseed (ground in a coffee grinder we have just for grinding flax seed)
carrot or carrot juice
other fruit- frozen peaches, mango chunks, whatever you can find!
we sometimes use rice milk instead of orange juice for the liquid

I'm guessing on the amount for the orange juice, you need a good amount to start out with and enough to keep everything from getting stuck.  You may need to add more towards the end depending on your blender.  I start with the orange juice and add one thing at a time blending after each addition.  Tonight I added in spinach and lecithin granules and you couldn't taste it at all.  

It wouldn't by my blog if I didn't warn you about BPA in your blender.  We have this model with the glass container and it works well.  (Well, I'm not sure which exact model we have, but its a glass beehive Oster blender.)  ZRecommends posted an article and did some research on blenders and food processors.  If you have a blender that you suspect has BPA, until you can replace it be sure not to put hot liquids in it, and hand wash it rather than using a dishwasher.  

Smoothies are something both my girls enjoy and I'm happy about how nutritious they are!  What else have you added to smoothies successfully?

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