Sunday, March 15, 2009

Book Review- The Healthiest Kid In The Neighborhood

For quite a while I knew that I wanted to feed my family healthier foods, but I wasn't quite sure how or even why.  I came across this book and it really gave me the information I needed to start making some changes!  Dr Sears gives plenty of info on why certain foods are healthy, why to avoid certain foods, how to read labels, "top ten" lists of healthy foods to feed your family- including ideas of how to start.  For example, he talks about how healthy blueberries are and what they do for your body and then he suggests several ways to start including them in your diet- putting them on oatmeal, in yogurt, in a smoothie (that he gives the recipe for), etc.  I really appreciated all the practical tips along with the nutritional info that really motivated me to want to change our eating habits.  

Probably the biggest change that I made after reading this book is implementing his guidelines and avoiding the "Terrible Three" - high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colors.  I took several trips to the grocery store and lots of label reading and frustration but once I figured out which products were "safe" to buy it wasn't quite so much work.  Did you know that most bread, even whole wheat bread, has high fructose corn syrup in it?  I couldn't believe how many things had unhealthy ingredients in them once I really started looking!  

I actually need to go back and re-read this book, there is so much information in it that I'm sure I could absorb more of it.  I've found this to be a valuable resource to have on my bookshelf!  I've used several of the recipes at the back of the book and loved them.  

If you really want to know how crazy I am....  I went through the book and typed out several of the lists Dr Sears has in there, things like "Top Twelve Superfoods"  "The Terrible Threes to Avoid"  "Ten Nutritional Changes Every Family Must Make" etc, and then I laminated them and stuck them to my refrigerator!  I'm determined to feed my family healthy foods and this is one way to help me remember and focus on specific steps I need to take.  I love my family and want to keep us all healthy and whole!

(These are some of the key points/ info from the first few chapters.  I glued them to colored paper and laminated them, then stuck them up with blue sticky putty.  I need to go through a few more chapters and type up some more things to replace these with since they've been up a while.)  


  1. Christy, I wish I would've realized you had this blog earlier. i just read a ton of it :) You are awesome! I'm going to go order that book right now!

    Amy (zachsmommy)

  2. Thanks Amy! I actually just started posting again this month, I hadn't posted in a year or so. I hope some of it is useful to you! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I just ordered it off of ebay. I really enjoyed Dr. Sears Vaccine book, so hopefully this one is just as good and informative.