Saturday, March 7, 2009

Preschool Homeschool

Lucy is 3 1/2 and loves learning.  She asks to do projects often and enjoys workbooks and being busy.  Over the past year I've been compiling some preschool resources to use with her.  We have several bookshelves full of books, one big shelf in her room and another in the living room with only board books on it.  (Julia isn't very gentle with books yet.)  Many of the toys we have are educational in some way or another.  We limit battery operated toys or leave them out of toys like Little People sets that don't necessarily need the batteries in them to be played with.  (My girls have no idea that their castle and farm make noises.)  I published a list on amazon of some preschool toys and games that we enjoy.  

We also use My Father's World preschool; they have a fantastic idea booklet that comes with their preschool package and offers some challenging and fun ideas.  Handwriting Without Tears looks great, I bought the workbook and teachers book but haven't started using it yet.  I still want to make the wooden pieces that they use to form letters- in the teachers book they give you a pattern.  We've also done Before Five In a Row along with lapbooking from here.  

I hope some of this is inspiring to you!  Right now our focus is on having fun and developing a love of learning.  We do lots of art projects, reading books, and playdates with friends.  We will plant a garden this summer and enjoy things like going to the farmer's market or library story time.  I love just being with my two girls and enjoying life with them.  I am planning to use My Father's World Kindergarten either this fall or January when Lucy will be 4 1/2.  

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  1. Great post Christy! It's nice to hear what other mom's are doing to get ideas. Thanks for sharing!