Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Green

I know, super lame Muffin Tin Monday today. We're still trying to get over being sick and Esther had a doctor appoinment this morning. The theme was "green" so we had a quick guacamole snack. I also had green pickles in the house, but I didn't think they went well with guacamole. Julia's snack wasn't even green, she prefers plain salsa. She insisted that I take a picture of hers but then wouldn't smile for me. She's still a cutie anyway.

Here's my quick and easy guacamole recipe. Its one of those recipes that doesn't have exact measurements, but its good any way you make it. This makes a great healthy snack - Lucy loves guacamole and will even eat it with a spoon.

avocado - mash
garlic clove or two - press
dash of lime juice
salsa - several spoonfuls
Mix up and enjoy.

(Don't forget about Bake and Take Day coming up next week!)


  1. It looks great! Sometimes it is the simple snacks that go over best!

  2. anything in a muffin tin is fun!

  3. I love the flower tins and the snack looks great. Good way to get some healthy calories without too much volume! Hope she feels better soon.