Sunday, March 21, 2010

DryBees Night Diaper

Julia still is not potty trained. She expressed interest almost a year ago and at one point was staying almost completely dry. Right now she just doesn't remember to go on the potty when she needs to. This summer we'll be spending lots of time outside potty training I suppose. She still wets a ton at night too. I reviewed a night diaper back in November and just recently got to try out another one. The Drybees Fleece Nighttime Pocket diaper has been working well for us.

Julia weighs about 23 pounds sopping wet but I went ahead and chose a medium. It fits well with room to spare, so I'd say these run a bit big (that and my kids run small...). Its bulky, but not too bad. One of our other nighttime combos is a Happy Hempy pocket fitted diaper with a wool cover. Julia really waddles in that one, but the DryBees is not quite as puffy. The fit around the legs is nice and snug and the diaper is soft so it doesn't leave red marks or anything. Julia likes the little bee on the tag.

The diaper does not come with an insert. I stuff ours with whatever is handy - last night it was a microfiber insert along with an infant prefold. This morning she was dry, the outside of the diaper didn't even feel damp. The DryBees Nighttime diaper is made of a very thick fleece, which makes the diaper breathable. When I just use a regular pocket diaper extra stuffed, I feel like the PUL keeps the wetness in too much and irritates Julia's skin. With this diaper, her skin can breathe just enough.

A good nighttime diaper has been hard to find, but this one fits the bill. Soft, breathable, absorbent, cute, great fit... we give it two thumbs up. Thanks DryBees.


  1. Another Abby's lane lover. :-) Saw you on their FB page. I have the exact same Drybees Dipe (bought it) and mine does not work! I've used it about 5x. First time during the day, fine. Next 2x his jammies were soaked. Then 2 more times with a wool cover & still didn't work. Tried w/a superdo insert and with multiple microfiber inserts. At first it was wicking up the back but the last 2x it was as though he was in a fitted! I'm ready to sell it but I don't know what's wrong with it!

  2. Oh no! What detergent do you use? Thats really strange. Where did you buy it? Can you email the store for help?