Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clumpy Brown Sugar

The other day I needed brown sugar for baking and realized that mine was all clumpy and hard. It was so hard I couldn't even break the clumps with a fork. Shaking the container as hard as I could did nothing except scratch up the plastic! I thought I was going to have to throw it all away but decided to look up remedies online first.

One trick that sort of worked was to put some of the brown sugar in the microwave with a cup of water and heat it for several minutes. It was still pretty hard after that and I had to break up each clump with a fork. Enough sugar came loose to bake my cookies and then I decided to try another trick I had read. I just put a piece of bread in the container and closed it up.

About a day and a half later I opened the sugar and was amazed! It was the softest fluffiest brown sugar I had ever felt. The clumps didn't even have to be broken up, they just fell apart. Of course my next thought was... Kitchen Tip Tuesday! I also bought a brown sugar bear so that I don't have clumpy sugar ever again. I haven't used it yet so maybe that will be another post some day.

For more kitchen tips, check out Kitchen Tip Tuesday at Tammy's Recipes. If you haven't already, mark your calendars for Bake and Take Day! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. My grandma always put a piece of bread in with her cookies so they would not get stale. I never thought about brown sugar!

    I usually keep my brown sugar right in the bag it came in and use a twisty tie to close it after each time I use it. I rarely have hard lumps. Keeping it in the bag isn't very pretty though. :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Putting a piece of apple in with the hard, clumpy brown sugar will also do the trick!

  3. thanks for the tip I keep mine in the freezer and it seems to not get hard as fast

  4. I was going to say that my mother always put a piece of bread on top of the cookies so they wouldn't go stale, but I see someone wrote that already!

    I put my brown sugar in a ziploc bag and make sure all of the air is out before sealing it. This seems to work.