Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ergo Heart to Heart Infant Insert Review

I love my Ergo carrier! I got it when Julia was just over a year old. She enjoyed riding on my back when we took walks or went to places like the apple orchard. The Ergo is comfortable to wear and distributes the weight nicely across my shoulders and waist. With our newest little family member on the way I was curious about the infant insert. Ergo sent me their new Heart to Heart Insert for review.

The insert is designed to promote healthy maturation of the spine by holding baby in an upright position while supporting her legs and hips. Certain baby carriers that put babies in a hanging position can actually be dangerous for a baby's spinal development. There is an interesting article here with some great photo illustrations on the topic. Putting a baby in the Heart to Heart Infant Insert keeps him or her in a safe position.

Putting Esther in the insert was easy enough. She felt secure and her legs were tucked up in a good position. The strap that snaps across the baby is adjustable, but mine doesn't stay tight. Its tight enough to serve its purpose though. The first time I put her in, she had not developed good neck control yet and I felt like she flopped forward too much, tucking her head in to her chest. I tried her in the carrier again recently and felt like she did much better.

I have a fairly small frame and felt like the Ergo was pretty bulky on my front. It didn't work well for wearing Esther around the house - trying to bend over or sit down with it on was difficult. For someone bigger than me it might not be a problem. Wearing her outside in the Ergo where I am mostly standing was great - I use it when going for a walk or just watching the girls play. It is comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I love that the Esther is up by my face and can peek out of the carrier and look around.

As it warms up here and we are outside more often I'm sure the Ergo and Heart to Heart Insert will get lots of use. Another great accessory to have are the sucking pads. Esther isn't old enough to need these yet, but eventually we will use them. The sucking pads are designed to wrap around the straps of the Ergo where your baby tries to teeth on it. They are stretchy and a nice big size. The pads are 100% cotton and washable - definitely a necessity if you are using the Ergo with a little one.

One of my favorite cloth diaper stores, Abby's Lane, carries the insert and sucking pads with free shipping. Tell her I sent you if you decide to shop there. :) Let me know if you have other questions about the insert, I know some of you have been waiting for this review! Thanks Ergo!


  1. oh, thanks for the review on this. i have an ergo and was considering getting the insert for our baby in july. now i may have to!

  2. I have a 2 month old and weighs 15 lb do I still need the insert will he fit in it

    1. When they are that little, its best to carry them with their legs all frogged up, so you do need something wrapped around them like the insert. Esther is about that size or bigger in the photos above. :)