Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Favorite Bath Products

When I began changing things in our home to a healthier lifestyle, we focused on food first.  Bath products and things that we put on our skin came a close second.  As I read about and researched the various ingredients in my bath products, I realized how important it was to choose natural, safer products.  We now make it a high priority to read ingredients and make the best choices we can find.  Here is a little peek at some of our current favorites:

Hugo Naturals Vanilla and Sweet Orange works well and smells great!  (Amazon has a good price.)

Julia and I both use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner for our curly hair.  The others in the family do not use conditioner.

shaving gel:
I use body wash as shaving gel now.  For years I would get very itchy legs after shaving, lotion afterwards barely even helped.  I was surprised that once I switched to using a non-toxic body wash to shave with, the itchiness was gone.

body wash: 
I love using Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash.  The kids are finishing up a bottle of California Baby body wash and will switch to Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non Scents Hand to Toe Wash.  (California Baby recently changed their product formulation and I'm not a big fan of it anymore.  Earth Mama Angel Baby is all rated zero in the EWG Skin Deep database.)  
We also really like Apple Valley Natural Soap.  It is a nice, non-drying, lotiony feeling soap.

diaper rash cream: 
Rash cream from Hard Lotion is safe for cloth diapers and works wonderfully.  It contains zinc and coats the skin much better than other oily creams we've tried.

Coconut oil is a great all-over lotion, it works well on my legs after shaving.
Hard Lotion bars are the best ever for dry skin.  Lucy gets red, dry hands and uses this.
This whipped body butter is what we use on the girls after bath time.  It has been great for dry winter skin.
I've also been loving Earth Mama Angel Baby natural stretch oil for my pregnant belly.

Badger Vanilla Madagascar lip balm is the best ever!  It is soft and creamy and smells delicious.

Ross uses Tom's of Maine flouride free.  The girls use Branam xylitol toothpaste, and I have a tube of Miessence toothpaste that I like.

I use Alba Botanica, but don't love it.  Miessence has worked well in the past, I need to get some more.  Ross uses Arm and Hammer unscented because we can't find a good all natural deodorant that is reliable.

I usually do not wear any make-up, but when I do its Vapor Organic.

We've used Badger sunscreen for several years now and really like it.

hand sanitizer:
I carry Cleanwell's orange vanilla hand sanitizer spray in my diaper bag and love it.

Am I forgetting anything?  Let me know and I'll add it to the list.  What are your favorites?

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