Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Wearing

Several people commented on my What Does A 4th Baby Need? post, interested in the ring sling.  I am not a baby wearing expert, but have used a couple different carriers.  Here are my thoughts on what works for me:

Moby Wrap: many people love this one.  I tried it and found it to be very comfortable (you can read my full review here).  However, I did not end up reaching for it often because I felt like I was sort of drowning in all that fabric.  Also, it seemed like once I got the baby all wrapped up and snuggly, she wanted to nurse or needed a diaper change or I had to take her out for some reason.

Ergo:  I like wearing the Ergo on my back once baby is a bit older.  On my front it feels bulky and I can't bend over or sit while wearing it.  (I'm 5'5" and have a small frame.)  I didn't care for the infant insert for this reason, I just don't like the Ergo for a front carry around the house.  The infant insert also props the baby up higher and into my face a bit much.  If I'm out shopping and walking around, the Ergo is fine on my front.  I guess I'd call this one my "out and about" carrier.

Mei Tai: I made my own mei tai, similar to a Babyhawk.  It worked well for a back carry, but I made the body too large.  My babies felt a bit smothered when worn facing my front in the mei tai, they couldn't see out and the ties seemed to squish them.  I'm trying a Babyhawk this time around because I think the smaller body will work better.

Ring Sling:  I have a Maya Wrap ring sling that I really like wearing newborns in.  The upright carrying position is my favorite and seems to work well.  The rings on it are super heavy and the tail is long, so I purchased a new ring sling to use with the new baby.

With three other children to chase around, having plenty of baby wearing options is a good thing!  To recap: The ring sling is my go-to carrier at first when baby is tiny.  Once he/she has a bit of head control I will use the mei tai.  The Ergo is great for keeping in the car and using out and about as baby gets older.  There are plenty of other carriers out there that I haven't tried, these are just my thoughts on the few that I own.  I'll have to post an update after baby arrives and let you know what our new little bundle thinks of the carriers.  :)

Do you have a favorite baby carrier?  


  1. The Moby is my "go to" till babies are about 7 months. Then I usually wear them on my back in the Ergo. I have the same problems with wearing the Ergo in the front as you (I'm 5'3"). My six year old helps usually when we are out getting baby in. I usually put the Moby on before we leave the house and then just put them in snuggly while out and about. I have the Maya Wrap too and while I like it, I agree its too much fabric, too much for me (even more than the Moby!).

  2. Funny-I was just thinking I should email you to see if you bought the ring sling you posted about a while back-to see if you liked it. We will be traveling to CO when Sister is 2 months old, and could use one! I HATE carrying the infant seat around. With Karson, I always just took him out of the car seat, and carried him when we were out and about. Let me know how you like the new sling when your little one arrives. :)

  3. I love my Maya Wrap that a girlfriend made for me for my first child. I am still wearing for the 4th child! I am only 5 ft tall and this one has been perfect for all stages of baby. My 4th is turning 1yr this Wednesday and although he isn't in the sling as much as he used to be, he still gets to ride in it, especially when I take my 4 yr old to her 30 minute gymnastics class and the parent has to be helping.He loves it and so do I! Oh! another plus is that it fits so easily in the diaper bag.

  4. I think we have similar preferences on carriers! With both my girls, I loved my ring sling for the newborn stage. For my second baby, we bought an Ergo. After she had good head control, I started using it on my back, and I still wear her nearly every day.

  5. different carriers for different stages - moby or ring when newborn, the Boba or ring thru 7-8 months, the Boba or framed carrier depending on where and how far I'm going! i must say, i love the versatility of a ring sling.

  6. I use a hug-a-bub and a baby bjorn and love both!

  7. my favorite is shorty neobulle wrap for when i am out and about and is usually when I wear the baby the most. Plus, it doubles as a shade or blanket or towel in a pinch....