Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Waiting...

We're still waiting for baby to make an appearance. I just added a poll on the sidebar of my blog -you can vote on whether you think I'll have a boy or a girl. Julia thinks its a girl, and Lucy did say that she thought it was a boy for quite a while, but she's switched to saying girl now too. We're not telling names yet, partly because we haven't quite decided. Lucy has names picked out though: "Star" if its a girl and "Nemo" if its a boy.

Everything is ready for baby to come. We have the house all clean, the Christmas decorations put away, and my to do list is about finished. Tomorrow will be 39 weeks, so I suppose we could have another week to go yet, although my midwife guessed I would go a bit early. I'll be sure to post the good news as soon as I can!

**poll is now closed at 17 boy, 7 girl**


  1. Good Luck mama.


  2. I vote girl!! I can't wait to hear which the baby is! :)

  3. Excited to hear the news soon!