Monday, January 18, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

I pulled out some new muffin tins today for Muffin Tin Monday. I thought about saving them for Valentine's Day, but figured we needed the specialness now and could use them again to celebrate the holiday. Thankfully Grandma was here to hold Esther so I could throw together a quick lunch.

There was no theme today so we just enjoyed eating from our special tins. We ate crackers, cheese, salad (craisins for Julia), applesauce, oranges, and a cookie. Stop by Muffin Tin Mom for more fun ideas. Next week's theme is ABC/ 123 - sounds like fun!


  1. it looks great. i thought about buying heart muffin pans for valentine's day. i just might. they're so sweet.

  2. cute tins! We have a mini heart tin, but I like the big ones better.