Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sewing Projects

All the chilly fall weather we've been having lately has inspired me to work on some sewing projects. I made some pajama pants for the girls in both cotton and flannel. I plan to buy some white shirts and maybe embellish them a bit to match.

My mother in law needed a baby gift for someone so I put together this burp cloth and bib set for her. The burp cloth is especially easy to do, just fold the edges of the material under and sew it on.

I am planning to sew a cotton sheet and pillowcase for Julia's toddler bed (because I can't find just a toddler bed sheet in the stores anywhere). Other things on my list include making a fabric bag for Lucy to take to dance class, making Julia a crayon roll, and maybe some sewing for the new baby.

I was going to put up a Mr Linky for you to add sewing tutorials to, but Skip To My Lou beat me to it! Head over there to check out all of the fun tutorials and be inspired to sew something. I added my snack pack tutorial already. Do you have a fall sewing list that you are starting to work on? Have you seen any good tutorials on the internet lately?

**Update: The fabric bag tutorial was super easy! I made a dance bag for Lucy following the measurements given and then also made a small purse for Julia. For the purse I used 9 1/2" squares and the straps ended up being about 12" each.


  1. I've been popping in for a while now and am really enjoying your water series! We may be looking into a filter system soon too, so it is perfect timing for us.

    Just wanted to comment and let you know that typically toddler beds use the same size sheet as crib matresses do. Often they are the exact same matresses in fact. So if you are out looking you might want to just check for a crib sheet. We found multiple at thrift stores for $1 or so each. Thought it might help you out a bit!


  2. Heather, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. :) I'm actually looking for a toddler bed top sheet, and can only find the fitted bottom sheet. Make sense? I don't think they make top crib sheets for safety reasons, and the toddler top sheets I've seen are only sold in big sets with the comforter and everything. Thanks for the idea though.

  3. This is a very old post, but I'll comment anyway. You can use a fitted crib sheet for a top sheet by cutting off the elastic on one end, then cutting the same end straight across and adding a strip of another fabric to it for length. The remaining two fitted corners keep the sheet in place nicely.