Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day - lots of links!

My little ones are fighting off colds and fevers right now.  On Tuesday, my mother-in-law was here and let me make a quick run to the fabric store.  I got sidetracked by all the fun heart prints right by the door and decided that if my kids are going to be sick, new Valentine's Day pillowcases might cheer them up.  :)  I stayed up late last night finishing these and left them on the girls' beds for them to find in the morning.

Today I managed to finish Isaac's pillowcase too.

The girls and I made a new canvas this week too.  We painted the background pink and while the paint was still wet, we added hearts that we had punched from various papers.  We left one corner blank and after it all dried, I added "love" to it.  It is fun to have this hanging on our wall and know that we all worked together one it!  :)

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