Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Valentine's Day Decorations

I already shared our rag wreath and the mailboxes that we are having a blast with.  Today I whipped up these adorable kitchen towels and finished a wall decoration.  Ok, I didn't whip them up, they sat on my table for two weeks until I finally had time to sew them...

I used ribbon that I had on hand and fabric left over from the wreath.  The towels are actually fluffy bathroom hand towels that I picked up at Meijer for $3 each.

Our wall decoration turned out more Mickey Mouse-ish than Valentine's-ish.  Oh well.  The kids like that it has their names on it; I like that it contributes to a sense of family and togetherness.

We used 29 cent wooden hearts from Hobby Lobby, black acrylic paint, a white paint pen, and a spool of ribbon.  The ribbon is hot glued around a D ring at the top for hanging.  I let the girls help paint the black, and considered letting them write their own names.  Only Lucy and Julia are old enough to do so and I thought it would look odd with my handwriting on all of the rest so I decided against that.  

I'm enjoying decorating our home for Valentine's Day and the kids are excited about these special touches.

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