Saturday, June 16, 2012

CSA: Week 2

Here is our big basket of veggies from the CSA this week.  We got lots of bok choy, spinach, lettuce, green onions, and kohlrabi.  Since some of the veggies are wet or dirty, I found it helpful to just put them in a laundry basket when we pick them up.  Looks like I need to bring along another one next time!

One of the bok choy got chopped up and put into chicken rice soup.  It didn't change the flavor of the soup too much, and was very easy to eat that way.  We used another one in stir fry tonight, and still have one more to use.  I tried chopping it up like celery for chicken salad, but the flavor of it raw was too strong.

I found out that kohlrabi leaves can be eaten just like kale or swiss chard.  Last week I sauteed some with green onion and garlic scapes and served it over quinoa with a little Italian dressing.  It tasted ok, but I think I should have chopped the pieces a bit smaller.  This week I've been using the leaves in smoothies every morning.  The girls all enjoy smoothies and haven't noticed anything different than the spinach they are used to.

I used green onions in the chicken soup, stir fry and whatever else I was cooking.  I just have to remember to throw them in.

Honestly, the hardest veggie to use up this week is the lettuce!  We got 6 big heads of lettuce.  I gave one to our neighbor, and even with us eating salads every day, that's a lot of lettuce.  I did grow some sprouts to garnish salads with, very fun and easy.  Lucy was so excited to have a lunchmeat and sprout sandwich.  I'm going to make this dairy free ranch dressing and see how that goes.  At least lettuce is easy enough to give away - kohlrabi, not so much.

Do you struggle to use up all your veggies?  Any other tips for using up lettuce?

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  1. I like to use the leaves of lettuce for wraps! I eat low carb and this has helped me.