Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Storing Gluten Free Flours

If you've ever baked gluten-free, you know that it requires exactly one million different flours.  It took me a while to figure out how to store them all.  Here is my current system:

Many flours keep best in the freezer or refrigerator.  I use a basket to hold some of the bags.  Each bag has a binder clip on it to keep it shut.  When I want to bake, I pull the whole basket out of the freezer, along with anything else I need.

Some of the flours I buy whole grain and grind with my Vitamix.  Those are stored in lock n lock containers and labeled.  The whole top shelf of my freezer is flours and grains.  The little box in the front is ground flax, behind it is cornmeal and amaranth flour.  A few of the flours are in the refrigerator because the freezer was full.  (The bottom shelf is leftovers packed up for Ross' lunch, and fruit for smoothies.)  Sorghum flour and xanthan gum are in the cupboard.

How do you store gluten free flours?
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  1. Great tip, and we use those paper clips on our bags, too! They work the BEST!! :) I've wondered if I was the only person using them in the kitchen...! :D

  2. Great tips. i use binder clips on my bags. I never thought about putting them in a basket though. Makes perfect sense! :) LOL Thanks for sharing!

  3. What stores do you like to purchase your flour and your whole grain?


    1. Hi Heidi,

      I've found Vitacost to be the cheapest for all of the gluten-free products.


  4. This looks like a great idea. I use clothespins for mine, but this looks sturdier and the handles stick out less.