Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning To Ride A Bike

Lucy and Julia learned to ride their bikes today.  In an hour.  

They have had these bikes for two years now and have been riding with training wheels on.  We also have a Strider balance bike that they have both spent quite a bit of time riding.  I am absolutely convinced that it helped them learn to ride their bikes.  We were literally outside for only an hour today and both girls could get started, ride down the driveway, and stop without any help!  

Julia (4) has been asking for us to take her training wheels off.  Here Ross is giving her a pep talk.

He helped her up and down the driveway a few times.  Then, while he was busy doing something else, she got tired of waiting and tried it by herself!  Soon both girls were riding amazingly well without any help.  It was clear that riding the Strider really did teach them balance.  We only had one small crash into the lavender bush.

Lucy (almost 7) was nervous at first, but did great!

I'm so proud of them!  I can't believe that they both grew up so much today, so fast.

Esther (2) is just learning to ride the Strider this year.  By the end of summer, I'm sure she'll be zipping around on it in no time at all!  (And yes, we need to get more helmets.  We've outgrown them.  They were riding on the driveway.)

I already loved our Strider balance bike and today proved how awesome it is!  Check out my review and video clips of them just starting out.  Way to go, girls!


  1. so cute! Love the girls bikes :)

  2. When did Esther grow up??? sigh I see you have the helmet on the dare devil. Smiling.