Monday, March 9, 2009

Sprouting- Day 1

Sprouts are good for you!  I'm trying my hand at sprouting some alfalfa and will share the results here.  I bought a set of plastic lids designed to go on a wide mouth mason jar and some alfalfa seeds.  Here is a photo of day 1.

The instructions came with the lids and didn't seem hard to follow.  I soaked the seeds all day in warm water and then rinsed them in cool water and left them sort of upside down to drain.  If I'm doing this right, all you do is rinse them twice a day until they are ready to eat.  I'm planning to put them on salads and maybe sneak a few in sandwiches.  

The Nourishing Gourmet on the benefits of sprouting

More info on sprouting

I think I'll sprout some sunflower seeds next.  (That is, if anyone actually eats these things...)

See Day 2, Days 3 and 4, and Day 5.


  1. This is SO funny because my husband just did this with lentils. He ended up not liking them so much, but we'll probably try others.

  2. It is! I have some sprouts sprouting right now! :)