Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pantry Storage Containers

*I* bought plastic for my cupboards, gulp.  We had trouble with moths in our pantry cupboards and since then I've been looking high and low for safe containers to put flour, sugar, and other staples in.  After considering my options, I finally bought lock and lock plastic which I feel is relatively safe.  Its made of polypropylene (much safer than polycarbonate) and has a silicone seal.  They offer a lifetime warranty on the product and I'm pleased with the sturdiness of it.  Its air and water tight, so I don't think my little moth friends will be getting in nor out of these containers.  They state that its dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, but mine will not be put in the dishwasher or microwave.  

Meijer had these on sale last week 20% off and I finally figured out that a 16.3 cup lock and lock is the size that will hold a 5lb bag of flour/ sugar/ etc.  They sold these in a package of 3- the 16.3 cup container with two smaller ones inside.  I purchased enough of these sets to put sugar, whole wheat flour, bread flour, and a few other things in the large ones and used the smaller ones for rice, quinoa, barley, etc.  I bought a long container to keep noodles in, and a large container to hold bread that I make in my bread machine.  I used my label maker to put labels on things, but these containers are also very see through, which is great for seeing how much sugar or flour I have left.  

Overall I'm happy with the new organization of my cupboards and am happy that the moths are now under control.  We had one infestation where we had to throw away quite a bit of food and while I was putting things in my new containers I found that they had started coming back again, but I think I finally have them beat.  It did cost a bit to purchase the containers, but was worth it.  The moths can eat through plastic bags (like the bag rice comes in or a plastic ziploc bag) but they can't get through solid plastic containers like these.

Note- I had considered glass containers, but couldn't find anything with a seal.  If you can find canning jars with a wide mouth in larger gallon or 1/2 gallon sizes, you can use these white plastic lids.  I thought these jars would be too heavy and large for my small pantry, but it may be a good option for someone.  

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