Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sickness Protocol

Around here, if someone starts getting sick we have a few things that we immediately resort to in order to keep ourselves healthy and boost our immune systems.  I recently typed this out to keep in my home organization binder so I can use it as an easy reference tool.  I feel much better doing these things rather than dosing my girls up on medicines that mask symptoms or antibiotics that upset their stomachs.  Quickly resorting to Tylenol and antibiotics takes away the body's chance to strengthen itself and fight the sickness.  Lots of rest and love, along with supporting the body's natural defense systems in these simple ways, is what we rely on to pull us through.  Of course there is also the importance of good everyday nutrition so that our bodies are able to fight off a bug when it hits.  (Don't hesitate to give your doctor a call if you feel that you  or your child is seriously ill or dehydrated!)

Sickness Protocol

lots of fluids-
orange juice
make smoothies
make juice popsicles
get out straws or special cups, anything that will encourage drinking more

serve strictly healthy foods-
no sugar or desserts
make chicken soup with stock and lots of garlic
fresh bread with dipping sauce (minced garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil)

take multi-vitamins (prenatals for mom, multi for dad)
Echinacea for mom and dad - 3xs a day
Sambucol for the girls - 2xs a day
Vitamin C- high doses several times a day-
Airborne for dad- 3xs a day
chewable tablets for the girls and mom

wash hands often
wash bed sheets and hand towels
clean surfaces and doorknobs

for a cough-
steam treatments in bathroom, clapping chest and back to loosen mucous
spoonful of honey at night
Vicks Baby rub at night

for a runny nose-
saline solution and nasal aspirators often throughout the day
Boiron cold care kit includes tablets for fever, runny nose, and thick nasal discharge

I do not treat a fever unless its during the night and the child is too restless.
belladonna homeopathic remedy (try this first before Tylenol)

upset tummy, diarrhea, or antibiotics-
probiotics powder for the girls and pills for mom and dad (these are refrigerated)- once or twice a day for two weeks

bumps and bruises-
arnica tablets for a serious bruise or fall
arnica massage oil for backaches or bruises
calendula ointment for scrapes

breastmilk in the ear
earache drops 
use earscope to check ears

amber teething necklace
Hyland's teething tablets

Check for more specific information on dehydration, etc.
We also have the book Naturally Healthy Babies and Children that we reference when needed.

I feel like I don't have a great teething remedy, my girls don't respond much to the Hyland's tablets.  They also struggle with sleeping through the night when they are little.  I'm currently trying a calcium/ magnesium supplement before bed to see if it helps them.  Any other ideas?


  1. This was a very interesting post. We, too, strive to avoid medications, antibiotics, and doctors visits as much as possible. Home remedies typically work just as well and are much better for our bodies.

    How did you "learn" all of these methods? From research? Experience? Your mom? Etc.

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad it was helpful! I am definitely not an expert, some of the places I have learned things though are: forums,, the book I mentioned, and just research over time. I still feel like I'm guessing a lot of the time!