Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunscreen and the Cosmetics Database

Around here its almost springtime, the sun is peeking out and slowly warming things up.  Its time for me to purchase some sunscreen to have on hand for the year.  Even though we're not even close to the scorching heat of summer yet, my girls are fair skinned and need protection from the sun even now, especially since they've been inside all winter.  Last year I used Badger sunscreen and was happy with it.  I checked the cosmetics database and read through the top rated sunscreens and also read about Badger sunscreen on their own website.  I was pleased with all the information they have on their website regarding their sunscreen and felt like I was able to make an informed decision.  

If you've never used the cosmetics database, its a wonderful resource!  From a quote on their front page "Due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products. Even worse, the government does not require pre-market safety tests for any of them."  The Environmental Working Group has created this database of products and ingredients and rated them according to safety.  You can go to their website and search practically any personal care product - makeup, deodorant, shampoo, and more.  Take a moment and look up the products that you use on a regular basis, you may be surprised at how many chemicals you are exposing yourself to.  The great thing is that you can use this database to start making safer choices for your family.  

Over the past year we've switched many of the products we use and I'll be sharing those with you in the coming weeks.  We're currently remodeling our bathroom and my plan is to put only safe, healthy products back in my cupboards once we're done.  I have a fun post in mind regarding this, coming up soon.  

Note: There are a couple great posts here and here on why to limit sunscreen use.  I only use sunscreen when we are going to be outside for a long time (and then I don't reapply it) or in the early spring/ summer because my girls are both fair skinned and need time to adjust to being out in the sun.  Otherwise we just keep the sunscreen with us when we head out for the day and if we've been out too long and start to feel the need we apply a small amount.  

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  1. thank you! I have been wanting to do research on this as well! I love the cosmetic database too.