Friday, April 29, 2011

Book Review: The Portable Pediatrician

The Portable Pediatrician is a new book by the Sears family, a comprehensive guide to children's health.  I have several of the Sears' books and this one has definitely earned a place on my bookshelf.  It covers basic child growth, with a blurb on each of the well baby check-ups, and then the bulk of the book addresses pediatric concerns A-Z.  After seeing the price on Amazon of only $14.95, I wasn't expecting the book to be as big and thorough as it is! has been on my list of go-to websites for quite a long time now.  If one of my children has a fever or a rash or some other concern, I usually look it up there.  Because I was curious as to how the book would compare to the website, I looked up a few concerns in both.  Although the website is very helpful, the book does contain more information.  The website is great for looking up photos of rashes though, as the book does not have any pictures.

I really enjoy the Sears approach and writing style.  They are very down to earth, great at explaining the facts and telling you when to worry and when not to.  I love that they respect parents and empower them with information rather than speaking down to them.  As a mom who often goes the natural treatment route, I appreciate that I can use this book along with other natural remedy books.  I don't feel like the two conflict because The Portable Pediatrician respects parent's choices and offers plenty of information.  I highly recommend having this book on hand as in invaluable resource.

I received a copy of this book for review from the publishers, but all opinions are my own.  :)


  1. oh nice!!! I was wanting to get this one. We recently made the decision not to vaccinate anymore so I've been building my medical library.

  2. Rebekah, another one I really like is "Naturally Healthy Babies and Children" :)