Monday, December 6, 2010

Stocking Stuffer

If you're looking for a fun stocking stuffer, try a cotton crocheted bath puff!

In my searching for a non-plastic scrubby puff, I came across a fun Etsy shop that sells crocheted cotton bath puffs.  (How many times do you think I can say type "puff" in one post?)  Hearts2Treasure sent us some to try out, along with a cute pink soap saver for the girls.

Using the bath puffs is similar to using a washcloth, with maybe a bit more soap needed because they are so thick.  These have held up well, we throw them in the wash with towels frequently.  I love that I am not scrubbing myself with plastic and think these would make a fun eco-friendly gift.  Try making some homemade body scrub or purchase an all natural lotion, add a bath puff from Hearts2Treasure, and you're all set.  :)  These sell for just $6, which is a great price.  While you are there, check out their scarves, scrunchies, washcloths, and more.  Thanks Hearts2Treasure!  (only 6 times?)

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