Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Baking

Three moms + seven kids + a double batch of cookie dough = loads of fun!

This year we decided to do our sugar cookie baking with friends.  It worked well to have the cookie dough already made up and let the kids cut out the cookies all at once.  We had plenty of cookie sheets available for this.  The kids all got to play while we baked the cookies and then come back to help frost them all.  What a fun playdate!

I enjoyed using my new stainless steel cookie sheets from Paula's Bread.  I had been looking for non-toxic cookie sheets for quite some time and was thrilled to try these out recently.  (Most of what I could find in stores was either coated with non-stick chemicals or made of aluminum, which I prefer to stay away from.)  I found a great selection of stainless steel bakeware at Paula's Bread.  

So far I've used my jelly roll pan for cookies, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, and roasted root veggies.  I was a bit worried that the roasted root veggies might blacken the pan, but it scrubbed up easily.  I intended to take a picture of the pumpkin bars to share with you, but they were all eaten up far too quickly.  I didn't think you wanted to see a photo of the empty dirty pan.

I also have the cookie sheet and really like that size as well.  Both pans are great and I'm excited to be kicking my toxic pans to the curb!  I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me about Paula's Bread in the future, be sure to check out their website when you get a chance.

Sorry the blog is a bit slow lately, we're busy with Christmas activities and will be back soon with more to share!

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