Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reusable Straws

We use a lot of straws around here.
For drinking soup...

for smoothies... 

... and I won't even tell you how many straws we go through now that we have an amazing soda machine on our countertop.  We recently found some super cool reusable straws that we are enjoying.

Have you ever been to  Its a great website, very informative, and will have you wanting to use reusable everything.  A fun feature is that you can shop "by disposable replaced".  For example, click on "straws" and you will see several options for reusable straws.  We got to try out both the stainless steel straws and the glass straws.  I really love both of them for different reasons.

The stainless steel set is great because it comes with 4 straws, and they are light and unbreakable.  These fit nicely in the holes of our smoothie cups.  You'll have to get something like this to use as a cleaning brush, which we already had.  I don't like not being able to see that the straw is completely clean, so we are careful to wash these out right after use.  They are bent at the top, but not bendable.  I'd like to see these come in a bit shorter size so that they would work in my girls open top cups without falling over.  Overall these are great straws and fun to use.  

The glass set is gorgeous.  I love the little dot design.  These are the straws that Ross and I reach for most.  Because they are made of glass, they are thicker and do not fit in the straw holes of the girls' cups. I don't think I would let them use these anyway for fear of them breaking.  There is a lifetime guarantee though, which is nice.  The straw brush that came with these ended up rusting and seemed too stiff and scratchy.  I wish these were just a bit cheaper or came with 6 in a pack instead of 3.  They are definitely a fun item to have though.

So which set would I choose?  Both!  The stainless steel set is great for the kids, and is fairly inexpensive.  The glass set is probably my favorite because they are so pretty and fun to use.  We are totally enjoying our reusable straws and having fun serving them to guests that visit.  These would make a uniquely fun Christmas gift, we give them two thumbs up.  Thanks!


  1. What great ideas! I already checked out the site this morning. I use straws a lot, too. Instead of buying new ones, I just hang on to the good plastic ones and reuse them! The huge straws from Juice Stop are my favorite and they are easy to clean as long as I wash them right away.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. cathy (musingsofanoldhippie.typepad.comNovember 18, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    It is a wonderful site!! I have been visiting it for months and have bought many things, including glass straws, which I love. They feel really good in my mouth, clean easily and, although I've dropped them several times, I haven't broken one yet. I've also learned a lot from Reuseit and am trying to pass it along.

  3. Elle, thats a good idea too, but I'd wonder what type plastic the straws were made of.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Might have a good stocking stuffer idea right here for my boys! I stopped using straw b/c of the plastic...Solomon is a straw chewer and was chewing the plastic to pieces, EW! Great idea!