Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plan Toys Horse Stable and Vegetable Garden

You probably already know that we love Plan Toys play food.  The vegetable garden and horse stable are both fun sets that we give two thumbs up as well.

Our dollhouse dolls have really been enjoying the Plan Toys Dollhouse Stable.  They are excited to have their own horses that they can actually ride on.  You'll have to excuse Maggie here, she's having a bad hair day, but she really wanted to take the horses some carrots from her garden.

She loves to go horseback riding.  Her little rope legs fit perfectly around the horse and she is learning to stay on pretty well.

Its a good thing the big horse can move his legs back and forth a bit to take her for a ride.  He can also put his head down to eat some grass when he gets hungry.  (Baby horse can turn her head back and forth but not up and down and her legs are stationary.)

Maggie can't spend too long playing with her horses because she has to get back to tending the garden.  She has parsnips, carrots, cauliflower, and turnips? to care for.  There might be something wrong with her cauliflower though because it turned yellow?  Her wheelbarrow is a little tipsy and hard to handle, but she manages anyway.

After much planting and digging, Maggie is exhausted.  (She would prefer a wooden shovel, but this one is plastic.)  Her watering can comes in handy, and she uses her pail to collect carrots for the horses.  All this hard work is making her want to go play.  Maybe she'll take baby horse out for a ride this time.

Not so fast, Maggie!  You still have to clean out the chicken coop!  A girl's work is never done.

Maggie is of course purely fictional.  She lives in our Plan Toys dollhouse and does not come with either of these sets.  The Horse Stable and Vegetable Garden are both available for purchase separately.  We received them from CSN Stores for review.  All opinions expressed are my own Maggie's. 


  1. What a unique, fun way to do a review! Thank you! These look like a lot of fun! :)

  2. I want to play with that garden!!

  3. I'd like more info on the chicken coop. I'm trying to find something similar that could be used as a comment box for a company whose logo is a rooster. Can folded pieces of paper be inserted in near the slot of the chicken coop? Just some info on it's construction please. Gleda