Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Star Bright Kids Company - Review and Discount Code

This month we're focusing on Toxins In Toys - what some of the dangers are and how to choose safer toys for your families. In our quest for high quality natural toys we've come across some great toy companies. Star Bright Kids Company is one of them! They carry a great selection and focus on natural, educational, eco-friendly, and European toys. You can read more here about how they select the products that they carry. They require safety statements from all of their vendors and are thoughtful about what they choose to sell. You can see those statements and information about each of the brands they sell here. Browsing the Star Bright Kids Company website, I saw quite a few of the toys that we own (and love).

Lucy and Julia got to review the Beleduc Moringa Lacing Tree. I chose this toy because of the creative possibilities it offers. Lucy is very into puzzles and is great at them, but something like this where the pieces don't have an exact spot challenges her thinking a bit. She has had some practice with regular lacing cards, so already knew the basic idea of how to "sew" the pieces on. With some help, Julia figured it out as well. Here the girls are showing Grandpa and Grandma their new toy:

The lacing tree comes with two long strings, so both girls were able to play at the same time. The strings have a little wooden knob on one end - whoever thought of that is a genius (or a mom)! I'm always putting a bead on one end or tying knots in strings for the girls, but these are all ready to go. The pieces are adorable and include a bird's nest, mommy bird, squirrel, fox, butterflies, lots of leaves, and more. Here is their finished product:

And a closer look (the pile at the top was Julia's hard work):

Lucy, Julia and I give this fun toy two thumbs up! If you're interested in shopping for this or any of the other wonderful things that Star Bright Kids Company carries, they've given us a discount code good for 10% off your order. The code is "IAEP68HB" and is good through 1/31/2010. Thanks Star Bright Kids Company!

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