Monday, December 7, 2009

My Father's World K - Nest Unit

Its been awhile since I've posted our My Father's World Kindergarten fun. Partly because we've slowed down a bit, and partly because I just haven't taken the time to write it up. We finished "Nest", "Turtle", "Us", and are just starting "Dinosaurs" this week. Lucy is still loving it! Over Thanksgiving weekend, on Friday she asked me what day it was. I told her it was Friday and she said "Oh, good! I was going to be sad if you said it was Saturday or Sunday because I can't do my school on those days." I hadn't planned on doing schoolwork that day because of the holidays, but ended up pulling out a workbook for her because she had to do something. I'm glad she enjoys it.

Grandpa and Grandma found a bird nest that we got a chance to look at up close! (see photo in post below). Because all of the leaves are off of the trees, we have been able to see lots of nests in the trees as we drive places in the car. One day we made Rice Krispie treat nests (regular recipe shaped into nests) and put m and m eggs inside. A few other things I printed off for Lucy:

an animal homes matching game she colored and cut then I laminated
an animal homes mini book to color
color and cut out nest page

My girls love learning about birds, looking at the bird book Grandpa made for them, and watching the birds outside that come to our bird feeders. The books that we read focused on all kinds of animal homes:

Can It Live Here? by Jennifer Gillis
Peaceful Moments In the Wild: Animals and Their Homes
Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest by Irene Kelly
Birds Build Nests by Yvonne Winer (great book)
A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Belz Jenkins (another great book)
Nature Files Animal Homes by Anita Ganeri
(We've had good success just going to the library and typing in "nest", "turtle", etc to the computer system and then pulling a few books from the section indicated.)

Coming soon... "turtle", and "us". :)


  1. I know what you mean, it gets tough to keep up on all of the posts for each lesson. I loved reading about your nest week. We're on Us right now and will probably start dinosaurs right after Christmas. We're close behind you. :) Have a great week.

  2. Thanks! I just posted the rest of our units. :) Lucy is having fun with dinosaurs this week!