Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy Day Fun - Hello Hanna Paper Dolls

With a new baby in the house, I've been doing my best to think of things that will keep my girls occupied and happy.  Thankfully the weather has been nice, so they've been playing outside quite a bit.  On a recent rainy day they really enjoyed playing with Hello Hanna Paper Dolls.  We received some of these to review, and had a friend over for a paper doll playdate!

Hello Hanna paper dolls are great in that they include a thick cardboard doll, a dog and doghouse, two sheets of clothing, a sheet of stickers, and a stencil so that you can make more clothing!  (We saved the cardboard left over from punching out the doll and dog so we could use that as a stencil too.)

After dressing their dolls in the clothes provided, they spent the afternoon cutting out more and playing with the dolls.  Lucy used some patterned scrapbook paper to make clothes and added some of the stickers for embellishments.  Julia's doll moved into the Playmobil house and lived there.  Esther enjoyed playing with her doll a bit too, even though she was too young for most of it.  Our little friend went home and cut out a bed and pillow for her doll.

I love that the dolls encourage creativity.  Having some clothes already made, along with the stencil and stickers is a great combo.  They got to play and dress the dolls right away, and then the stencil and stickers provided another whole level of play and thought.

The dolls include several outfits, one of which is a karate outfit, which kind of made me laugh.  My girls have no idea what karate is and ended up using that for a bathrobe.  Lucy was happy to see that the dolls all had glasses stickers to wear just like her.  Julia's only issue with the dolls?  She thought they should have a nose and asked Lucy to draw one on for her.  :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our Hello Hanna paper dolls and recommend them for any little girl.  Thanks, Hello Hanna, for keeping my girls entertained on a rainy day!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I remember playing with paper dolls when I was younger. I would have the best time, coming up with crazy outfits (which, in the 80s, always included funky prints, heels and leg warmers, lol...)! My mom actually still has a couple of my favorite creations, in a scrap album.

    I have two boys, so our rainy day fun is usually consumed with messy paint spills, Wii games, or some weird slime/cooking thing. I try to stay away from that, and let dad join in on that particular fun. :/

    Thanks for sharing; I really enjoyed the photos!

    Homeschooling mom to a 7 year old who is loving (and learning with!) his second grade online curriculum.