Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freezer Food

My freezer stays pretty full.  We take monthly trips to Costco and purchase bulk bags of organic frozen veggies, chicken breasts, loaves of whole wheat bread, and more.  I love having all of that on hand, helping me avoid trips to the grocery store.  In the last weeks of my pregnancy I made a trip to Costco, the health food store, and Meijer, stocking up on anything and everything.  When I got home, I realized that I did not have much room left for storing freezer meals.  Even so, I managed to fit in a few things.  I am definitely enjoying the convenience of premade food right now.  Here is what I froze:

breakfast this morning

whole wheat muffins
coconut flour muffins with chocolate chips
granola bars
sloppy joe meat (I double the sauce and instead of more meat, use cooked brown rice.)
shepherds pie
cheesy mini burgers
I tried twice to double this chili recipe, but it was so good we ate it all before it made it to the freezer both times.

The granola bars have been nice for a late night snack.  I get sooo hungry, especially in these first days of nursing.  Oatmeal is great for milk production too, so thats a bonus!  I am still planning to double my recipes whenever I cook so that I have meals on hand for days that we need them.

What are your favorite freezer meals?


  1. The last few weeks I have froze 3 pans of granola bars, 5 meat loafs, 6 pans of burritos, 3 pans of spaghetti bake, chicken stock, bbq pork, chicken soup, chicken tortilla soup. I also stocked up on bread, frozen fruits and veggies, chicken & burger from Costco yesterday. I don't love chicken that has been cooked, frozen, and reheated unless it is soup, so I haven't made any chicken casseroles to freeze, but have all the ingredients to make them. I think we are all ready now! :) Although, I didn't think to freeze the chocolate chip muffins, I may have to do that in the next few days!

    1. Awesome, Kelly! You are all stocked up!

  2. I love to freeze chicken pot pie. It's time consuming to make, but one of our favorite meals. Getting to pull it out of the freezer after I have a new baby is a treat!

  3. I love to freeze crustless quiche and soups like chili and roasted tomato soup. Yum!

  4. I just made muffin tin pizza's. pizza dough on bottom, a little mozz (to keep sauce from making dough soggy),sauce mixed with favorite toppings in food processor, then mozz on top. then I put them on paper plates and into freezer bags. I would like to get the mini muffin tins and makes lots and lots. :) It is time consuming, but they are so fun to eat... and kids can help make them.