Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 4 - MFW K, Moon

This week we learned all about the moon and the letter "M". Most of our activities came right from our My Father's World Kindergarten and we were a bit sick all week so I didn't add much else to our days. I'm really enjoying MFW, there is a great mix of hands on learning, art projects, and paperwork. I can pick and choose a bit between the activities they list (although I usually want to fit them all in and more!) and schedule our days with more or less in them as needed. Lucy really enjoys "doing school" and usually asks if we can do schoolwork on the weekends too. The work is at a great level for her, not too easy, but not too frustrating for her either. She is doing a great job at working carefully and enjoys showing off her papers to anyone who will listen to her chat about it all.

Some of the highlights this week included:

Making a big spaceship (tent) in the living room - We included an old computer keyboard for controls, brought along a snack, books, and pillows, and counted backwards from 10 to blastoff. We also made space helmets from paper bags to wear on the moon and collected moon rocks (crumpled pieces of brown paper).

We used a tennis ball and a globe to show how the moon rotates around the earth. Lucy and Julia took turns holding the globe or running around the globe with the tennis ball while spinning it.

Lucy really enjoyed illustrating her own "Goodnight Moon" book. I stapled some white paper together and she drew a picture on each page and then had me write "Goodnight tree. Goodnight flower. etc" She loved reading her book to Daddy and Grandma.

Playing with our star counting game - see this post for photos.

Books We Read:

All About the Moon by David Adler
Mooncake by Frank Asch
Oliver's Wood by Sue Hendra
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
God Made Outer Space by Heno Head, Jr (good information book)
Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik
Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch

What Lucy learned:

Mom: "Can you tell me something you learned about the moon?"
"I learned that it had no light on it. That it reflects light."
Mom: "Anything else?"
"Um, I liked doing all my schoolwork."

Lucy's favorite part:

"I liked making my Goodnight Moon book." She also reminded me that she liked learning about the sun and really liked dirt cake.

This coming week we are taking a trip to an apple orchard on Monday and then finishing up some moon activities that I'll share in my next weekly summary. There are a few fun things that we didn't get to do yet. We will then start learning about leaves and the letter "L" for the rest of the week.

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