Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gro Baby Bio Soaker Giveaway

I have to admit that we use disposable diapers sometimes. Gulp! I've been thinking of investing in a system like G-diapers, or Gro Baby for those times when I need to use a disposable diaper. These systems use a disposable liner that attaches to a reusable cover. The inserts are much more earth friendly than a disposable diaper. Gro Baby is giving away an intro pack to bloggers who write about it, I'd love to try these out for the new baby!
Each intro package includes 50 bio soakers, and an outer shell. The soakers are actually compostable! They are plastic free, chlorine free, fragrance and dye free... more than you can say for disposable diapers. You can also purchase organic cotton soaker pads and use this same system as a cloth diapering option. The shell only needs to be washed if its soiled, and can be reused several times simply changing the inner soaker pad. (This would also make a handy option for when you're out and about because then you wouldn't have to bring along whole diapers, just extra soaker pads.)

You can purchase the intro package here: The Natural Baby Company
and the biodegradable soaker pads here: soaker pads

I'll be sure and let you know what we think of these once I get them!


  1. I've tried the G-diapers but they weren't my favorite. Mostly I've used BumGenius but alot of the velcro is falling apart on them. Just bought some new Kissaluv fitteds for new baby Lucy and I've really been liking them so far.

  2. I have used the biosoakers (I was a tester for them) they are awesome! Its a much trimmer fit & SO nice to just throw the liner away & stick on a new one! I only had 1 prob with them lol I used them in another cover & the sticky stuff is SO sticky it actually stuck to the cover a lil too well lol I had to goo gone it off ;)

  3. I just pulled out my newborn cloth diapers! I'll be posting soon about what I'm planning to use with the new baby. :)