Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pregnancy - 27 Weeks

27 weeks- only 10 weeks left until I need to be all ready for baby! I think I'm starting to hit nesting mode because I've been making lists of things to do before baby comes, things I need to purchase (thankfully not too much this time around), and more. I'm ready to go dig out the newborn cloth diapers and clothes from the basement - but I don't have anywhere to put them yet. We're going to be switching rooms around at our house which involves painting and installing carpet, and of course lots of reorganizing and cleaning. Our house is tiny, so we're going to have to be creative.

I've been trying to stay healthy, taking my vitamins, drinking my Red Raspberry Leaf tea, and eating fruits and veggies. The other day I hadn't taken my vitamins or eaten many vegetables for a few days in a row and was really craving a salad. I was looking at a houseplant hanging above my kitchen sink and wondering how the leaves would taste with ranch dressing on them. Thankfully I didn't give in to my craving until the next day when I went to the store and bought fixings for a big salad. My husband still teases me about that one.

Overall I'm enjoying my pregnancy. Baby likes to kick anytime something touches my tummy. When I hug Ross he usually gets kicked and can feel it. I'm getting excited to meet this little one. With my last two pregnancies we found out the gender but this time around its a surprise - I can't wait to find out! The names that Lucy has picked out are "Nemo" for a boy and "Star" for a girl. So far that's all we're telling anyone. ;)


  1. You are hilarious sweet daughter! Not EVERYthing is edible! I love the Thanksgiving tree.

  2. that same thing happened last night when i was hugging my husband and he felt the baby kicking. i can't believe how close you (we) are getting! you look great :)