Monday, October 26, 2009

Product Review - Preserve Toothbrushes and Razor

I've been wanting to try out Preserve's toothbrushes and razors for a while now. The company is amazing in what they are doing as far as making products from recycled plastics and even the products themselves are recyclable when you are done with them! Why throw away a toothbrush when you can recycle one?

I received an adult toothbrush, a child's toothbrush, and a razor from Preserve to try out. Its actually taken me a while to put up this post because I have two girls and was searching everywhere for a second child's toothbrush. I wasn't able to find one around here even though some stores carried a few Preserve items. I caved and bought Julia an Elmo toothbrush so I could give Lucy the Preserve one and try it out. After I caved, I finally found the toothbrushes at a health food store (not one I regularly go to). You can check here to find a store near you, but you may find they don't carry the full line of Preserve products.

Preserve collects plastic from yogurt containers and other #5 plastic products, sorts it, cleans it, tests it, and turns it into their products. You can read about the process here and see just how much of an impact this has on saving earth's resources. There is also a great video clip linked from their homepage that shows how they process the plastic. There aren't any recycling drop off points near me, but if you live near a Whole Foods Market, they have bins to collect your #5 plastics.

So, what about the products? The adult toothbrush is nice, the curved handle is a bit different, but works well. It comes in cute colors, and is fairly inexpensive. You can print off a prepaid mailing label and send in your toothbrush when you are done with it! They even sell a subscription where you can select a frequency to have toothbrushes mailed to you (every 2, 3, 4, or 5 months). Did you know that Will Ferrell used a Preserve toothbrush in the movie Stranger Than Fiction? lol

The child's toothbrush is okay. Its cute, but rather plain compared to the other children's toothbrushes out there. I didn't look closely enough because I thought that it came with an animal molded into the handle, but the animal is just on the package. Lucy didn't complain about it, thankfully she still thought a new pink toothbrush was exciting. We will probably purchase more of these, but I'm not sure how long we can go until they remember their spinning Dora toothbrushes and ask for those again.

The razor was too scratchy for my sensitive skin. It works okay for shaving my underarms, but scratched up my legs too much. I generally use a razor that you can buy replacement heads for, so I guess its not quite as important that it be recyclable since I don't throw it away all that often. I like the idea of this product, but it didn't work for me.

Overall I like the company and what they are doing. I would enjoy trying out other products from their line and wouldn't hesitate to choose the Preserve brand when shopping for something new. Like their logo says, there is really "nothing wasted" if you decide to try out a Preserve toothbrush or razor - you can always mail it back to be recycled when you are done with it!

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