Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keep That Puppy Busy!

How on earth do I handle four kids and a puppy?  Keep. that. puppy. busy!!  We have a rotation of fun toys, treats, bones, etc to keep Poca entertained.  She recently got to try out Planet Dog's Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Toy and loves it.

The Snoop is a sturdy, bouncy, treat containing, ball sort of a toy.  You can fill it with treats and then as it rolls around, the treats are trapped inside and come out haphazardly over time.

We also got, and I highly recommend, a smaller ball (Glow for Good) that stuffs in the Snoop and adds more of a challenge for the dog.  Poca has to remove the ball before any treats will come out.  The ball itself can be stuffed with treats too.

The Snoop and the smaller ball are both very sturdy and thick.  They are also sort of bouncy, which is fun for Poca.  If she puts her paw on the ball and pushes on it, it will kind of jump up and then roll around.  She also knows that if she picks the ball up and then drops it, the treats will bounce out.  She drops it over and over; its cute to watch.

She can carry the Snoop, stuff her nose into it and try to lick the treats out, push it around with her nose and so on.  We've been giving her at least one meal a day in her Snoop.  It takes her a while to work all the food out of it.  I take it away from her when she is done with it, just to prolong its life, but so far I don't see any damage on it.

Other good things: the Snoop is made in the USA, Planet Dog has a 100% guarantee, profits from the Glow for Good ball go to support canine service dogs.  

Planet Dog sent us some of their all natural treats too.  I was super impressed with the ingredients: barley flour, rye flour, peanut butter, blueberries, cinnamon (that's all!).  Poca loves her Planet Dog toys and so do we!

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