Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet Pocahontas!

There is a new little furry friend in our household.  She's an eight week old Black Labrador Retriever and we just picked her up Saturday.  Her name is Pocahontas (Poca).  Julia read in a book that Pocahontas means "playful one".

She's settling in well!  The girls are doing a super job of watching her every move and running her outside to potty often.  She already knows that if she goes potty outside she gets a treat and will turn around and look for it after she goes.

Poca gets lots of love around here!  Hopefully she settles down and likes her crate better soon.  She already likes to sleep on the rug in the kitchen right beside me while I am cooking, and happily trotted all over the house following me from room to room while I put away laundry today.  So cute!


  1. Awe, she's adorable. You're making me want a puppy, but I don't have big girls to help take care of it.

  2. Finally...a dark haired granddaughter???