Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinterest Find: Easy Nightgowns

I'm picky about the pajamas that my kids wear.  We use only tight fitting cotton ones because they haven't been treated with flame retardants.  All the rest have.  Yeah, yuck.  If that's not enough, I also don't like polyester against their skin at night.  It just doesn't breathe well and a couple of the girls get rashes and dry skin very easily.

This leaves my kids asking longingly if they can wear the pretty princess nightgowns that they see in the stores.  I refuse and try to explain that they would not be comfortable in them, as pretty as they may look.  The only other solution I've come up with is to make our own pajamas.  I've searched Pinterest a few times for easy nightgown patterns and even pinned a few but never completed them.  However, when I saw this one, I knew I could do it!

(I won't rehash the instructions, click the link for those.  It is very easy to follow along and has great photos.)  I went right out and bought three women's t-shirts and made these easily.  The girls are thrilled and have worn them almost every night since!  I offered to iron something on the front, but they are enjoying them plain so far.  I'm going to have to sew a few more of these for sure.


  1. Cute! I need to learn to sew. :)

  2. Oh wow these are so cute! Yours look even nicer than the tutorial! Did you do the neckline differently? Ava has one (itchy) polyester pj dress that she loves simply because it's a dress. I will have to try these once I have access to my sewing machine someday!

    1. Thanks, Joy! My shirts were a little different because they happened to have a bit of a scoop neck to the T-shirt. I wasn't sure if it would actually work, but it did. :)