Monday, November 7, 2011

What Does A 4th Baby Need?

As you might already know, I'm an obsessive list maker.  I always have a notebook handy with several lists going at once: grocery lists, Christmas gift ideas, blog post ideas, things on my to do list, crafts to make, and so on.  Of course I've had my "Baby Shopping" list going for quite some time now, and I'm sure I will still add to it.

There are plenty of baby gadgets that we've had over the years and have gotten rid of.  Our house is small and our path of natural living and attachment parenting has led us toward less stuff.  Maybe I'll write that post later; "Things Baby Doesn't Need".  Of course needs and wants are all individual, so everyone's list would be a little different.  I am also a big believer in purchasing quality items that will last, as well as researching the heck out of everything I purchase.

- car seat: I had a Graco infant seat that all three girls used, but it is expired now.  Looking at safety ratings along with toxicity ratings, I think we'll get a Chicco Keyfit 30 in Cubes or Limonata.

- swing: I just bought this one on Craigslist: Bright Starts Cotton Tale Portable Swing  We've had various swings in the past and got rid of them because they were too big or some other reason.  I really liked having a small portable swing for Esther, and this one looks plush and cozy.  I will probably get rid of the bouncy seat that we have and just use this.

- rocking chair: I am still searching Craigslist for a good rocking recliner or glider.  Ours is terribly loud and would never soothe a baby to sleep!  We do have an exercise ball that is great for bouncing a baby to sleep on.

- sling: I am thinking of getting this sling.  I've tried many different carriers and a ring sling is my favorite for newborns.  The one I currently have is too long for me and has very heavy rings on it.  With having three other little ones to chase, I figure a good sling is pretty important!

- Bravado bra: This one is my favorite style.  I want the pink ice color, just because.  :)

- Undercover Mama: and I need a pink one of these.

- diaper bag: I'm drooling over these, especially the Madi bag.  My current diaper bag is a bit too small for four kids and baby in cloth diapers, so I'll need something bigger like this.

- nursing pillow:  A Boppy did not work for me at all.  I just came across this pillow though and it looks interesting.  I'd love to try it out.

- bath seat:  We didn't use a baby bath tub at all for Esther.  I'm sure we could get by without one again, but it was rather hard to hang on to her and took both Ross and I to give her a bath.  This bath seat looks like its a good size (not too big), and is made of "safe" plastic in the USA.  The price isn't bad either.

- growth chart:  Once we know baby's gender (after the birth!), we will get one of these growth charts.  The girls each have their own.  I sometimes forget to use them, but they are cute and will make fun keepsakes for the kids.

If we have a boy, we'll need clothes! and a soft plushy blanket (not pink!).

Ok, so these aren't really needs, aside from the car seat.  This list also doesn't include the things that we already have and love (my washable breast pads, aden + anais swaddling blankets, Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff...).  But that's another list.... maybe tomorrow.


  1. We love our Keyfit, the only thing I don't like about it, is it doesn't fit in shopping carts well. It is either into the Moby or groceries all go below as I have a toddler in the cart too. Have you tried a brest friend nursing pillow? It is my favorite.

  2. Hm, thats a good point about the seat! I suppose with three other littles the baby would be in a sling anyway. :) I did try a breast friend, it was too big for me, I couldn't lean back on the couch because it wrapped so far around me, but I know some people love that one!

  3. we had the keyfit in the cubes pattern for baby five. :) i loved it. and it isn't safe to put the baby on top of the cart anyways in the carseat. in the "bucket" part of the cart, it takes it all up. so i usually just wore her when we went shopping.
    i love my diaper bag from marandalee :)
    looks like a great list.

  4. Buying for Baby Brother/Sister has been so much easier than with Karson!! Baby got a new car seat, because K's broke when he was 9 months. Baby also got a new bassinet. That I was so excited to find, and would have paid triple for when Karson was a newborn!! (Co-sleeping would be easier, but I just can't do it. :))

    Did you like the sling better than a moby? I have an Ergo, but am trying to decide between getting a moby or a sling.

  5. Kelly, I'm a HUGE Moby fan (although mine is a different brand) and personally would never trade it in for a ring sling. I do have a few back issues and one shoulder that acts up so I'm probably overly biased, but the Moby style is so perfect for front carrying from tiny and lasts for a long time. Once I'm not comfortable with that anymore I move to the Ergo. Or have the baby in the Moby and the toddler in the Ergo with Daddy. The Moby lets them snuggle down and sleep during church and lead to a fun conversation with a little girl that wanted to know if I was still pregnant, but why could she see the babys head? Too funny if you were there.

    Good luck on your decision and I'd go somewhere to try a few on to help make your decision. The Moby has a learning curve because of all the fabric and I find it easier to put on and leave on all day or when out running errands. I'm guessing the ring sling would be easier to slide on and off, but I love the balance of weight that the Moby offers and wouldn't trade it for anything...other than maybe my Ergo! :)


  6. Oh too funny about the little girl Heather! I did try a Moby and it was cozy, but way too much fabric for me. I just kind of felt smothered in it. I can see how it would be very comfy to wear all day, but I didn't like being all tangled up in it. (Maybe I have issues, lol.) The ring sling is great for when they are tiny and not too heavy and then we move up to an Ergo or Mei Tai. :) My fav ring sling carry is to have them upright on my chest and then tighten the sling around them. I love rubbing their little backs just like they are still in my tummy!

  7. Thank you for reminding me about finding a sling. Perhaps I have purposely put it out of my mind. It is a decision I don't look forward to because there are so many style options and I have no idea what I would like. I never used a sling for B for that very reason. I can't afford to spend money on trying different ones only to not like them. :| I may end up not having one again this time unless I can have a "sling" party where everyone brings their own kind of sling so I can try it with a baby. LOL

  8. Definitely don't put any infant seat on a shopping cart. I actually love that the Keyfit doesn't fit up there. Hopefully that aspect will deter parents from trying. ;)
    Ring slings are so great! I've looked at the Sweet Slings on Etsy before. The shoulder looks very similar to the Sleeping Baby one, which I ADORE.
    Oh, you so should get a Maranda Lee bag!! I got my first a couple years ago and I'm still using it. She is soooo nice too. I had her make mini-mama bags for my girls last Easter. I think she actually carries them in her shop now.

  9. I have that same sling from baby #3 and love it, I also recommend a beco carrier for once baby is older. That Carseat sounds great too, if we have another (we are TTC) I will see if i can find one here.