Friday, November 11, 2011

Diaper Bag Deal

I've been looking at diaper bags, as I'll need a bigger one once I'm carrying cloth diapers and odds and ends for four children on a daily basis.  I ended up finding a great deal on a Land's End bag tonight and wanted to share.  Using the code given here, I got 25% off and free shipping, making this diaper bag only $15.89!  Its not technically a diaper bag, but I think it will work nicely.  I have a huge one that I got for Christmas once; it is well made and a very sturdy canvas.  I debated getting a bright pink one, but that color was twice as much.  I really like the brown and think it will work well.  Snag one quick if you're interested, I'm not sure how long the deal lasts.  (I'm not an affiliate, just sharing the deal.)  :)

Sorry, you'll have to squint to see the picture, this is the only size I can get to load!


  1. Thanks so much- I hadn't decided on a bag yet for our new addition coming on Feb. Great price and I know the quality is great!!